Thursday, November 30, 2017

NUX Drive Core Deluxe

Analog drive pedals are always attractive for who loves to play guitar with a warm tube sound. Based on that technical details, there are many drive pedals can satisfy the musician’s needs but NUX Drive Core Deluxe is actually providing more sound options because it featured with Clean and a Drive circuit with an additional bass boost on Drive channel.

Clean and Drive tones can be use separately for the essential needs but Drive Core Deluxe allows you to combine those 2 circuitry to create a very unique sound. Drive Knob itself is actually a push-switch and it adds some extra bass-boost when it’s activated.

Using Clean Boost, you can boost your crystal sound without a scratch on it. It will deliver your signal to output in adjusted volume as you want, LOUDER or quiet it will be clean. That means also you can use this feature to combine with your own gear to put some additional volume level on it.

How it sounds?

Drive tone is offers a warm tube sound and you can make it scream more than any other screamers. It has a dynamic drive parameter and your sound will keep responding to your hand-playing very well. For example when you adjusted the drive parameter to 5, you can softly hit the strings and you’ll get a dirty-clean drive sound but when you increase your hand power on the strings you can hear the overdrive harmonics will start screaming. Well depends on how you rocking on the guitar from 0 to 10 you will find a good dial up for your essential tone. PLUS you have a push-switch drive knob for additional bass-boost on drive tone, try it!

Mix mode gives you the 3rd options as a toggle, but now all the knobs are working for you. That means you have more dial-up options here, you can create a clean tone with some dirty attacks on background or an overdrive sound comes with clean resonance.

True Bypass circuitry will deliver your signals without any sound colorization and that makes compatible to use Nux Drive Core Deluxe with any other gears.

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NUX Mod Core Deluxe

Modulation effects are used to add motion and depth to your sound. Such as chorus, flanger, and phaser are well-known examples. Many famous guitarists are also known for using modulation effects which is remembered as their signature sound such as Hendrix and U-Vibe effect. Besides guitar players, modulation effect pedals also used for many other instruments for sound enhancement. 

NUX Mod Core Deluxe

Mod Core Deluxe is actually another everything-in-one-box of NUX did! A fully-featured Modulation effects pedal of the highest quality. Add-in Rate and Depth controls to adjust main parameters and Tweak control to manipulate key parameters for each effect it controls an additional parameter for each effect, and you’ve got more tone-shaping options than you’ll find in modulation pedal anywhere else. It has 8 modulation effects with 2 types that fits every musicians needs for sound improvement and colorization.

Overall look on all the effects and Tweak Knob

Normal Mode      Deluxe Mode                                        Tweak Knob
Chorus               Tri-Chorus                                              Blend
Flanger              Tape Flanger                                          Feedback
Phaser                8-Stage Phaser                                       Feedback
Tremolo             Optical Tremolo                                     Width
Pan                    Pan with Hi-Lo Cut                                 Width
Rotary                Rotary w/ Speaker Cab Sim                    Bass Speaker - Horn Level Balance
U-Vibe (Chorus)  U-Vibe (Vibrato)                                    Volume
Vibrato              Vibrato (Momentary Control)                  Volume

It has Stereo Input and Output for better experience and flexible routing, you can use Mod Core Deluxe in any effect chain with different connection methods.

NUX Mod Core Deluxe pedal can be updated for variety of effect algorithms. 

 What’s new on the Mod Core Deluxe V2 Update? 

Update notes:
-          Chorus (Normal)     Analog Chorus based on the Boss CE-2 sounds 
-          Chorus (Deluxe)     Dual-Delay Line Chorus / based on MXR’s Stereo Chorus
-          Phaser (Normal)     Improved algorithm of four stages all pass filter / Based on MXR Phaser 90
-          Phaser (Deluxe)      Improved algorithm of eight stages all pass filter / Based on Phaser 90 8-stage
-          U-Vibe (Normal)     Improved algorithm of vibe with dynamic LFO and phase sweep U-Vibe
-          U-Vide (Deluxe)     Improved algorithm of vibe with dynamic LFO and phase sweep / Based on MXR VB-1

Here you can check how it sounds

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