Tuesday, April 3, 2018

NUX Metal Core Deluxe

Pedal to the metal!

Metal Core Deluxe offers a detailed sound control while you shedding the nails down in your house with its powerful sound. 

Metal Core Deluxe has 2 distortion voicing. The voice 1 is a total metal blaster distortion with well scooped mid frequencies. 
But depending on the environment, you might need to control the mid frequencies on the amplifier, so you should choose voice 2. 

Voice 2 is a high gain distortion channel with a well balanced EQ.

One of the famous "scooped" EQ guitar sound is created by Dimebag Darrell, even after the 90's he didn't change his mind to use the Mid knob. 
Plus, there are many bands in 80's that play through strong amps at low volume love the sound of a distorted guitar that is "full and smooth" – meaning there are deep lows and present highs that get emphasized while much of the "honking" mids are cut. This is known as a mid-scoop setting and when looking at a graphic equalizer is represented by a "V" shape of the various frequencies.

When you switch voice 1 and hit the pedal ON, you will get that razor tone in your bedroom. But if you play in the studio or on stage, you should consider the other instrument frequencies. If you feel like there is a wet blanket on your amp, don't try to increase your volume. Jump to voice 2, and cut the mids as much as the environment let you. 

Simply, the guitar is a mid-frequency based instrument, when you cut the mids, there will be low and high frequencies left (that will sound great at home). And those frequencies can be covered by drum kick, or the cymbals easily. Unless if you don't have enough headroom, that would fix some of the environmental issues. 

And for the EQ control, when your guitar frequency is getting interfere with any other instrument on LOW and HIGH frequencies. Metal Core Deluxe also have 2 band EQ to control LOW and TREBLES. Try to separate your guitar from other instruments by using the EQ parameters, not the volume knob. 

Playing in a metal band, it's like using the strong weapons. If you know how to use it, you can create a huge crater in the venue. It's not easy to make your sound perfect as quickly as the other bands, but when you learn your weapon abilities. No one can stop you.

Of course, there is a penalty for using the HIGH GAIN pedal. Even you can lower the gain parameter to half, it is still a high gain distortion :) and that may cause some noise. (that noise no one wants to have it) So, Metal Core Deluxe also has a Noise Gate for those unwanted dirty noise in the background. You can simply hold the footswitch and use the gain knob while holding it. And don't forget that increasing the gate level may affect your sustain and the guitar tone. Find the good spot, and enjoy killing. 

*Please note: a broken or cheap cable, defected guitar input or amp input also causing the background noise. Even the house electrical system and non-grounded electric plugs may increase the noise level. If you tried to use the noise gate and you still have an issue. Try to find the real source.

When you finish your setup on the pedal. Use the middle switch and toggle to T-Lock function. You can protect your dial-up while you headbanging and jumping around. If you hit any knob by mistake, nothing will change. Just don't press the footswitch in the middle of a solo.

2 high-gain distortion voices: Voice 1 - Mid scooped EQ, Voice 2 - Well balanced
2 band EQ controls: BASS and TREBLE
Noise Gate
Tone Lock Function

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