Sunday, October 21, 2018

NUX Brownie distortion : Design Theory

Every guitarist likes brown sound! It's warm, huge and very natural. Now take the NUX Brownie and get all of your tone you want from the mini size pedal. It's mini but it's powerful, mighty, cutting edge and warm, it brings back the classic British rock sound from 70's.


Brownie provides the pure British distortion sound.
It has a distinctive preamp and power tube distortion sound produced by its hybrid circuit. It's incredible to get such a powerful and warm tone from this little monster.

A special design BJT input stage makes this distortion pedal breakup, in the same way as a preamp tube start to distort. Brownie uses asymmetrical clipping circuit that breakup half of the signal more than the other half. With this type of clipping, you could simulate some of the characteristics of a tube amplifier. It also keeps tight the lows by processing bass frequencies without muddy while they are distorted.

The Brownie uses a low pass tone control circuits to simulate the Variac effect (lower the voltage going into the amplifier) for rounding of your tone.
The response of tone control is very well in dialing the high frequency response.

The power clipping circuit is crafted from modern low noise OP-Amp and two red LEDs. It creates symmetrical clipping that distort both half of the signal and keep the sound like liquid smoothness.


This unit is crafted from precision components and workmanship. True bypass circuit with a high quality TPDP mechanical foot switch makes the bypass signal clarity.  Each unit is tested before packaged.

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