Monday, March 26, 2018

NUX Time Core Deluxe

NUX Time Core Deluxe is one of a kind everything-in-one-box delay pedal. You can find everything you need for the delay effect sounds. 7 different delay mode types offer a variety of delay effects and each delay mode has its own characteristic sound which you can set to get a more personalized presets. There are 3 control knobs to set the parameters for repeat amounts, time speed and mixing the dry and wet signal to send to output. Optional: TAP TEMPO.
A closer look at the effects:
Tape - Saturated repeats, a tape machine touch.
Digital - Crystal clear repeats, best if you use any other modulation effects, your repeats output will be clean as what you send through input.
Analog - Simulates the BBD algorithm and every repeat of the sound reusing the previous repeat. It comes down to personal taste.
Ping Pong - Repeats will bounce on left and right. Stereo output connection recommended.
Pan - Repeats have a pan algorithm and it will bounce from left to middle and then to right. Stereo output connection recommended.
Reverse - Repeats will play backward. You can explore the dark side of the moon!
Hold - 40 seconds loop station

NUX Tape Core Deluxe also has a stereo I/O connections for more delay effect experience. And there are 2 output options, Tail and Normal. You can keep the last note trails when you switch off the effect in Tail mode. 

It's one of the never-gets-old pedals.